Learning is an activity that is connected to the experience. The best way to learn a language is in an immersive situation, travelling to a foreign country and interacting in the language.

Guadalingo is a platform that intensifies the sensation of immersion, creating enriching learning environments that enable students to communicate and practise the language. The experience of living in a Spanish-speaking country is recreated, giving students of the language the opportunity to interact, socialize and make progress.

Using their Learning Diary, students have to successfully complete the missions that the game presents them with within different interactive scenes that simulate real life. The range of activities is extremely varied and they work on all language skills through significant activities.

When completing each mission, and according to the results obtained in the various activities, you will be able to access new complementary exercises according to the contents that you need to reinforce.

The students’ work is recorded in their Learning Diary and their Dictionary, as they gradually discover new vocabulary of the course of the various challenges.